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Warning: This little exercise may change your life

It certainly changed mine…

I first posted it on my blog “Living in the Flow – or is it Walking in the Fog?” (update 2018: That blog doesn’t exist anymore, so I’ve deleted the link). I thought about modifying the text, but then again, this is how I did it myself, so I changed nothing but the image.

reflection of a bridge in water
bridges balance – and so do reflections

Challenge: Test your inner balance

It’s comparatively easy to keep one’s balance in isolation or seclusion, standing safely on solid, unmoving ground – however, we are living in an open system where everything is connected with everything else. Daily life is rather about ground shifting and shaking, turning into quicksand or vanishing altogether, not to forget the occasional strong gusts of wind and icy cold rain showers for a more realistic impression. 

The Scales of the Universe never stand completely still, and at times it seems impossible to keep our balance. Or is it maybe we don’t know our current position? After all, the Scales keep moving, all the time, in all directions … 

The good news: With a simple trick it is possible to “freeze” the Scales, to focus on a small increment of time, whatever we would define as Now. As long as time is “frozen”, we have the opportunity to see What Is: ourselves, our problems and worries, the people around us, our immediate environment, the global or the universal situation.

The bad news: Although the trick itself is simple, it’s not easy to perform. Objective observation is only possible when the observer is not involved, does not interfere in any way with the object of observation, does not try to manipulate, control, or even evaluate the outcome before the observation is completed and the context established. Only then the results can be structured and classified, and acted upon. 

For our personal balance this means that we can’t know how well-balanced we really are, what is necessary to balance out, or how to be balanced within the whole system before we have some understanding of what the system consists of, and of what is really going on, right now.

The trick is the same as the promised test, the challenge: 

Just for one day, “freeze” the Scales and accept what is, as it is. 

In case you find “accepting what is” too abstract, here a few examples of slipping and sliding on the Scales – that is, not accepting ourselves, “the others” and situations as they are, but instead being self-righteous, jealous, greedy, or manipulating, (ab-)using, justifying, evaluating, blaming & criticising our Self and others:

  • I like /don’t like …
  • I wish I were /had /could…
  • Oh, why can’t …
  • Isn’t this just …
  • Oh, you are /I am just so …
  • If you had /hadn’t…
  • I’m glad that I am/am not …
  • If I were you …
  • That was only because …
  • If only …

I wish you a good and interesting day! – You are very welcome to expand the list, and to provide ‘real life’ examples!

UPDATE – see also this follow-up post: Creative Life Force 1: The Memory Bank Fallacy

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7 thoughts on “Warning: This little exercise may change your life”

  1. I find your blog absolutely fascinating. *Subscribed*

    It is very possible to do what you mentioned. It’s also great as a reminder that there are things in this world more important than what we do on a daily basis. Life around us is so incredible. Using the technique you describe, one can also find balance in our activities including ourselves.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been busy with work, but I’ll be updating is within a the week.

    1. Your comment made my day 🙂
      Yes, I’ve found a flexible balance, but still the warning is “for real”; between then and now my life was a roller coaster ride. Some of it was enjoyable, some scary, but I’m glad I did it – else I wouldn’t recommend it 😉 My perspective has changed to seeing “things” and myself in context. I came out of the fog, realised I was on the wrong track and also found the direction to go.

  2. Brilliant! Now that you planted the seed, it would be even more challenging to stay on point. Feasible? Yes. Easy? Not a chance. TY! 🙂

    1. “Easy? Not a chance.” How true…but isn’t commitment about “doing it anyway”? 😉 At the moment, with this new blog, finding a natural rhythm would help. I’m not worried though, I know it can take a while 🙂

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