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Welcome To Vision Land – Create Your Life Map

Topic Of The Week: Vision

The search for “heightened awareness”, the desire to access higher or spiritual planes, has increased dramatically during the past fifty years. But, providing that we find out how to do it, how are we going to deal with that abundance of knowledge and consciousness awaiting us “there”? How much are we aware of even the limited information surrounding us; are we able to process it?

Whether we’re looking for higher awareness, planning our next holiday or are doing a search on the internet, creating and enhancing a vision is the first step to accessing and realising the potential. Vision is the result of connecting What Is (where we are now) to What Could Be (where we want to go).

sparkling star in eye
"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." Japanese proverb

Clarity of vision depends on our perception and awareness as well as on our ability to sort what we have perceived. Our set of filters, that is our physiological abilities, our previous experience, our attitude, and our unconscious or conscious focus, determine the quality of our vision.

Perception and awareness

Perception is purely physiological and happens whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We have learned to perceive primarily via our “obvious” bodily senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance and acceleration, kinesthetic sense (perception of where the parts of our body are, useful for instance when raising a fork to our mouth). Through our experience we’ve come to trust our senses and to rely on them to a high degree.

But our perception goes far beyond this range. Even when our awareness is many laps behind, our body reacts to zillions of other influences like electromagnetic waves outside of the audible and visible spectrum, including the vibrations of emotions and thoughts.

Even “simple” perception as accomplished through our “ordinary” senses is impaired by the influences which either pass unnoticed by our consciousness, or which have a stronger impact on our awareness than these physiological senses. Maybe you recall situations in your life where either emotions like fear or habitual thoughts have dominated or distorted your perception. (see also: How Do You Feel About Emotions)

Heightened awareness – the solution?

Increased awareness is, essentially, about opening up to What Is and What Is Now. Exploring higher planes however requires most of all the desire to change and open-mindedness, a detached, neutral, non-judgemental stance or mind-set. As long as Me-Self insists it knows best and holds on to what – in its flawed experience – is “real” at its lower level, I-Self can’t help Me-Self to get unstuck and grow.

“Overcoming one’s ego” can be a constant struggle because our ego’s agenda is physical survival in “this world”. Trying to subdue and control our Me-Self leads almost certainly to a series of fights because, like a four-year-old, it feels challenged and plays up. We experience the results of this as psychological issues as well as health problems.

But our Me-Self is able to learn, especially in situations which are beyond its control. Rather than wait for catastrophes and the like, we can however re-train it all day long. We convince our Me-Self to coöperate with I-Self by gently leading it towards new experiences. Certain small focused exercises and meditation help in this process (One of my personal favourites for switching instantly from Me-Self to I-Self is replacing “what is in it for me” with “what can I give”.)

Dealing with information overload

Supposing we have increased our perception and awareness, what then? On all planes higher and lower we are confronted with the same basic problem: How do we deal with all that new information available?

This is where vision comes in: Defining the starting point and picking our destination. At the beginning the vision will often be vague – when you look at a map, or even at a photo of a holiday resort you have no idea what that place will really be like. Still, vision is a necessary preparation for our journey.

What can help us to close in on what we want? Considering the vast number of places we could go on our holidays, or the abundance of information available on the internet or in the universe, how can we focus, see with more clarity?

By using filters 😉

The big difference

So we’re back to “filters”? Yes, but with one significant difference: Rather than being prisoner to our filters, we are now setting them consciously and willingly. At a travel agency, we might start by concentrating on a country or a certain tour operator. When doing a search on the internet, we enter keywords. On lower and higher planes of being, we ask questions.

Eventually, by refining our search, our previous foggy vision turns into a rough map of the area we want to explore. By asking more and more specific questions AND opening up to the answers, we begin to shape our life the way we want it to be, to live instead of being lived.

Challenge yourself

This exercise takes about half an hour. Find a place that inspires you or helps you to relax (bathtub, balcony, park, nature, public library, museum,…) Draw the map of your Vision Land: You are the capital (designed to look like a stick figure) in the centre of the map, with roads branching out into suburbs and connecting to other map starting with a tree/stick figure

  • The head: Your dreams, wishes, desires, needs, questions,…
  • The left hand: What you received/are receiving, what you’ve got: physical/material, experience, talents, gifts, skills,…
  • The right hand: What you can give or pass on
  • The left foot: What holds you back/what you can let go: fears, external limitations, obsolete self-beliefs, Me-Self (ego) or I-Self,…
  • The right foot: What urges you to move on: interests, passions, desire for improvement, Me-Self (ego) or I-Self…

Brainstorm for half an hour; write down your spontaneous answers. Don’t question your notes, don’t revise. Add more roads and alleys as they come to your mind. Keep your map until the next challenge on Thursday.

Enjoy the adventure 🙂


Image Sources:

  1. via wikiquote
  2. (c) 2011 enermazing

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5 thoughts on “Welcome To Vision Land – Create Your Life Map”

  1. You’ve done a great job of distinguishing the two… perception and awareness and I love the pictures and examples you use… A delicate topic explained beautifully. That quote under the blue eye is perfect. TY! 🙂

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