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Perspective – Zooming In And Out

No doubt about it: From your point of view life is not the same as from my point of view.

And your point of view is not the same now as it was one year ago or one hour ago. In fact, our point of view changes all the time, not only with our activities and roles, but also with what we learn or are confronted with. Yet often we stick to our point of view, even when it has become obsolete, is inadequate for the level we have arrived at.


connections: neurons

Zooming in

Analysis and digging deeper help us to get to the essence, to the root of our desires or challenges. Many new insights are waiting for us, or, occasionally, we find that “we’ve known it” all along 😉

But constant focus on minute details or ourselves – as fascinating as this may be – limits our perspective. It’s easy to get stuck on certain points; under the microscope even the tiniest problem seems of great importance, and dreams change appearance.

five stick figures connected
connected: we are not alone

Zooming out

Seen in context, our dreams and problems change. Not only do we realise that they aren’t as impossible or enormous as we thought, but we find also that they are not ours alone. Both our dreams and our problems affect others and are affected by others, by their dreams and problems, by their needs, by what they have and are willing to give. Zooming out enables us to connect, communicate and exchange.

On the other hand, only looking at the context creates dependency rather than  flexible interdependence. We’ve come here to live our life, and to support others in living theirs. The point is that we do it as individuals. Variety is the best fertilizer for change and growth.

Switching perspective

It’s time to switch between zooming in and zooming out as soon as we feel we aren’t progressing. Self-inquiry and daydreaming lead to new insights which we may test in communication with others, or by observing others. Later we take other people’s examples and opinions, test them and modify them to suit us. Then may come a reality check in the context of our environment, and after that our dreams and problems are ready to be refined.

A flexible and stable balance is the result of exchange, of individuals contributing to society and society supporting the contributors.

Challenge yourself

Take the map you’ve drawn last Sunday.

1. Zoom in on whatever aspect attracts your attention most. How does it relate to the rest of your stick figure? 

Example: You wish you had more time for yourself (head) is connected to

  • left hand (what you have received): 24 hours per day, just as everybody else
  • right hand (what you can give): time, money, dedication, love…
  • right  foot (where you want to go): one hour per day for yourself
  • left foot (what is holding you back): the belief that there’s no way you can cut out some time for yourself, or that you don’t deserve it, can’t afford it…

Connect these dots. Are any ideas popping up about what you can look into? If so, get active, take the first step. If not, start again somewhere else, or

2. Zoom out: How is your wish to have time for yourself related to Other-stick-figures, their heads, hands, feet? Who are they? Any idea what you could trade with them?

Zoom and enjoy 🙂


Image Sources:

  1. PLoS Biology Vol. 4, No. 2, e29 via 
  2. (c) 2011 enermazing

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4 thoughts on “Perspective – Zooming In And Out”

  1. I love the zooming in/out parts as they really help nail the fact that we can get myopic and a little perspective goes a long way; a broader vision can help us see the bigger, perhaps better picture. 🙂

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