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Life: A Roller-Coaster or a Trolley Ride?

Topic Of The Week: Extremes & Choice

Do you sometimes dream of an easy, uncomplicated life, without conflicts and other problems? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the path to your dreams and goals were like a high-speed train and not a roller-coaster or a trolley in a maze?

Really? Always?

The Vekoma roller coaster Limit in the german Heide-Park

Thoughts on roller-coasters:

  • going up: (too) slow, impatient, anticipation
  • at the top: enjoying the view, about to go down
  • going down: losing the view, (too) fast, gathering momentum for going up
  • upside-down: fear, change of perspective, lack of orientation
  • in between rides: boredom, time-out and relaxation
  • what is the destination?

Japanese high-speed train

Thoughts on high-speed trains:

  • defined destination
  • reaching the destination fast
  • no detours or alternatives
  • letting go
  • relaxation or boredom
  • what to do with the time saved?

marshalling yard

Thoughts on trolleys in a maze:

  • slow process
  • lack of orientation
  • back and forth – and again
  • exploration
  • alternatives
  • sidetracks leading to dead-ends

Challenge yourself

Which times of your life would you describe as a roller-coaster, a high-speed train or a trolley in a maze? Were these times somehow related to each other? Did they help you to advance in some way?

Enjoy the ride šŸ™‚


Image Sources: via roller-coaster, high-speed train, marshalling yard

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6 thoughts on “Life: A Roller-Coaster or a Trolley Ride?”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post….and am intrigued by the question. Well, as I continue to ponder….I think maybe I’m of the school…. “all who wander are not lost”. I think I tend to meander and wander, but remarkably I seem to go forward in varied positive directions that lead to wonderful, remarkable opportunities and understandings! So, I’m not sure what vehicle that might be?…maybe a wobbly bike rider?

    1. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ – whatever you enjoy and brings you forward šŸ˜‰ Every vehicle has its special advantages and disadvantages.
      Keep moving and keep smiling!

  2. I don’t like roller coasters so I don’t ride them… The bullet train didn’t seem so fast on the inside and I do love those trolleys’ especially the ones in San Francisco. I’m in the trolley phase now and I’d like to see it settle into a steady cruise sometime. No, my life hasn’t been a roller coaster at all. Thank God! Did you take the photos? I love them…. šŸ™‚

  3. For twenty-plus years my life had been a roller-coaster – or maybe that came from jumping from trolleys onto super-fast trains and then pressing the emergency button because I couldn’t deal with the speed….whatever, at the moment I enjoy my trolley ride very much. A sign of “old age” perhaps? šŸ˜‰
    Re: photos – I got lucky on

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