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Without Extremes…

wood grown naturally in yin-yang shape
wood grown naturally in yin-yang shape

Without extremes

without extremes, no exchange.
without exchange, no motion.
without motion, no life.

without light, what would be dark?
without sorrow, what would be joy?
without fear, what would be safe?

without spirit, what would be matter?
without matter, what would exist?

without chaos, what would be structure?
without destroying, what could we create?

without need, what would we dream of?
without dreams, what would we do?
without action, what would change?
without change, what would have meaning?

without extremes, where would be balance?
without extremes, where would be choice?
without extremes, how could we grow?

black and white yin-yang symbol
yin and yang

Challenge yourself 

Write down pairs of extremes which rule your life. 

How do they help you in making decisions?

Where are your points of balance?

Focus on one pair of extremes at a time: What can you do right now to move closer to balance?

Enjoy the ride 🙂


Image Sources: via wood, yin-yang symbol

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6 thoughts on “Without Extremes…”

  1. Like everything in life, balance is key. To appreciate the joys, we must know sadness. But the dark will always disappear in the light should we make that choice.

    Nice post. 🙂

    1. Thank you, C.B., for visiting 🙂
      Unfortunately many people get so stuck focusing on extremes that they believe they’ve got no choice. They forget – or haven’t learnt – to see extremes as mere reminders to choose and to balance, right now and consciously.

  2. This is a beautiful poem and I will add it to my wall… Life is about finding balance in the extremes, yet, without them we have few challenges. I love the message of your poem and it serves as a reminder to be appreciative of the times we enjoy balance in our lives. TY! 🙂
    Phew… glad I’m finally catching up on posts I missed… I’ve been battling pneumonia and household changes as my children go off to college; I am grateful for God’s grace and the love/support in my life. 🙂 TY Maria!

  3. Wow, thank you, Eliz! I’ll imagine my poem hanging on your wall 🙂
    A few days ago I read one of your comments re: pneumonia. I admire your determination to keep up with your blog and commenting on other blogs, with so much else going on in your life. I don’t know about you, but when I catch something, it comes with a big sign “Time for time-out” 😉
    I hope you feel better soon and find some time to relax, now that your children are at college.

  4. What a great poem. It’s like contrast in a painting, isn’t it? Sometimes we need to struggle for balance but sometimes we need the contrast provided by extreme difference to show things to us more clearly. Exactly as your poem so beautifully illustrates.

    1. Thank you, Trisha 🙂
      I like your comparison with paintings – creating an eye-catching, balanced painting without much contrast can be extremely difficult. Often keeping the point of balance moving and flexible comes down to shifting the point of view, just as in life 😉

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