The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet

Life goes on 🙂

computer says no - is there a life without internet access?

Computer Says No

A couple of years ago both computers broke down within a few weeks. Four months I was without computer – and internet access. The first two weeks were a nightmare, then I adjusted my life accordingly. At the time I didn’t need the internet professionally though…

Personally, I wouldn’t want to miss internet access even for a few hours; as far as work is concerned more than three or four days would be a major problem. But I would still live without it 😉

How about you?

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7 thoughts on “The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet”

    1. Vanishing without notice – that was exactly what happened to me; there are still a few sites I haven’t gone back to. When I finally got a replacement computer, my email inbox was so full that I simply deleted everything… But I survived

      Thank you, Peter, for visiting and your comment!

  1. It would be a nightmare as it is a source of communication with everyone for me; fellow bloggers, friends, family and everything in-between. I have shut it down a few times but I knew I could go back. 🙂

    1. I suppose shutting down internet access voluntarily would be considered “impossible” by many… Here is a lot of tourism in summer, and since a couple of years ago not only cafeterias offer Wifi access, but even many beach bars; at other places you can see people busy with their pods and pads.

      Re the new look: Guess who gave me the idea to play around with the themes 😉 Thanks!

  2. I have no internet at home and it feels wonderful. I’ve been internet-less at home for going on 6 months now but I’m going to have to cave in to the demands of my research and blogging. I don’t think my wallet or waistline can handle much more lounging in a cafe for my internet and sadly the library is too far away for me to go there too often.

    It’s awful how vital it’s made itself for most people.

    1. I feel with you, San 🙂
      The dependency is awful, yes, but whether it’s dependency or opportunity is a matter of choice.
      I can still choose not to use a computer and do things the way I did twenty years ago (and often I do). I can choose to phone friends and clients or to send letters and newsletters by snail mail, and I can choose to go to libraries. I can choose a job where no internet access is needed.
      That I’m very happy about the existence of computers and the internet has to do with convenience and the fact that it’s a very cheap way of communication. And just like TV, computers got a button to switch them off 😉

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