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25 Days ‘Til Halloween 2011 | Halloween Decorating Ideas

The countdown to Halloween 2011 started on 1st November 2010 :mrgreen: . If you plan to decorate your home – and are still looking for ideas – maybe this post is for you; there are only 25 days left…

Before you ask: No, Halloween is not celebrated in Greece. But I surf the internet in English, plus have subscribed to a few craft blogs, and so it’s next to impossible to avoid Halloween 😉

Today this impressive yet low-budget project for decorating your whole house landed via craftzine in my inbox:

How To: Haunted House Silhouettes by Jeffery Rudell

Apart from on-page instructions and templates Jeffery also offers pdf’s for download.

Is the theme too grim’n’spooky for you? Well, why not pick up the idea and “haunt” your house with happy pumpkins and smiling ghosts?

pumpkin/jack-o-lantern - photo by Evil Erin
jack o'lantern - photo by Evil Erin
"fantome" by Emilie, 7 years old
"fantome" by Emilie, 7 years old

Happy haunting 🙂

Maria & E.D. 


4 thoughts on “25 Days ‘Til Halloween 2011 | Halloween Decorating Ideas”

  1. wow these are nice suggestions..but I’d rather not decorate at all, Christmas is here and I’ll advance up to decorate some Christmas stuff in the house..Hope you can post suggestions too about it..Nice post..

  2. Halloween is huge here in the USA and my kids used to go trick-a-treating when they were young… but I’m glad we don’t have to celebrate it any more. It never appealed to me even though I love pumpkins… All that scary stuff was always a bit much. Perhaps not growing up in the USA might be the reason for my lack of interest. 😉

    1. Perhaps you’re not interested in “scary”? 😉 As a kid I loved all sorts of ghost stories – along with fairy tales though 🙂

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