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How Does Synchronicity Affect Our Lives?

This post consists of a comment I wrote onSynchronicity: New Age Fantasy or Face of the Future?, a brilliant article by – the comments are well worth reading, too πŸ™‚

Over the last years, synchronicity has become normal to me, but sometimes it still feels “weird” to talk about it.

It began with remembering certain “coincidences” which led to asking “could I possibly repeat this”, testing, trust, conviction and regular use – which, for me, confirms and reinforces further that synchronicity is “real”.

During the past few months I’ve noticed a rapidly increasing number of people, locally and on the internet, opening up to this concept, and once they open up they begin to experience.

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What does synchronicity imply?

So how does synchronicity manifest on a larger than personal scale, that is collectively for communities, countries, globally, universally? Combined with taking responsibility and choosing trust and peace over fear and fear-mongering, a lot has been accomplished; a few examples: the Wall in Germany coming down 1989, the peaceful (at least on the side of the “rebels”) Egyption revolution this spring, the Belgians doing very well without a national government for about 500 days already. (see also: “Political” and “Politics” | Definition | Etymology)

Looking at synchronicity from a theoretical point of view, the trend converges towards Zero Delay = Now = instant connections and exchange. In our time-dependent system (including our experience of time being linear) we may still be heading towards Now, but acknowledging the small now’s (= every moment) is part of the whole, already.

Collective consciousness consists of individual consciousness-es contributing to the whole – or put simply, sticking one’s head out takes courage, but the more people share our opinion, the easier it gets to talk about it, and the more “normal” and accepted it becomes. This happens with every technical or artistic invention, every scientific or philosophical insight which contribute to the “pool”.

What next?

What I’m wondering about is: What is the next stage, what does synchronicity imply? What do we need to learn in order to cope with synchronicity on a grand scale? In my mind, this comes down to learning how to choose and focus on how we want our world to be – rather than stating or complaining about (and thus focusing on) what we don’t want.

What do you think?



7 thoughts on “How Does Synchronicity Affect Our Lives?”

  1. Maria….this is a really important topic…and I’m thinking about it…unfortunately there’s far greater than “zero delay” in my own thinking as I ponder it …. ; ) Thank you for addressing this topic, I find it extremely interesting and intriguing. I know it happens to me a lot, but I don’t get what it is.

    1. Nobody knows for sure and in all detail what synchronicity is. There are some theories and opinions about the topic – but do they really matter? πŸ˜‰
      I prefer a practical approach: how to consciously integrate synchronicity into my life, and how to deal with the implications.

      As (slow) logical thinking is linked to our previous experience, (speedy) non-thought (emptying the Me-Self mind and allowing I-Self to take over, as practiced in meditation for example) leads to better understanding. The task which remains is to re-convert it into something Me-Self can relate to. Practice allows for the creation of new thinking structures – and builds confidence, too πŸ™‚

      When it happens to you, just enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. I wonder about it too. Sometimes I think it’s a result of everything being connected to everything and therefore not at all as mysterious as it looks – e.g. if you press a bell it rings in a different room – but I don’t understand it – in fact I am rapidly concluding that I understand very little! Good topic – thanks.

    1. Yes, it’s about One-ness πŸ˜‰ It’s not mysterious, and has always been known by a few, who often enough used their knowledge in order to gain power over others…

      I think the difference now (or rather: since around 1900 with the first print publications on what is referred to as the Law of Attractions, the Secret, the Power etc.) is that more and more people are opening up their minds to the possibilities – from quantum mechanics to spirituality. The ripples (or, as you call them, “butterfly effects”) created more than hundred years ago begin to have noticable impact. The more focussed attention is paid to something, the more real this pooled energy becomes.

      Knowing that we don’t know keeps us on our toes and flexible during change πŸ˜€

  3. Everything around us is energy and we connect with each other when the vibrational level is so high that our mutual thoughts on the same or similar topic creates Synchronicity. It is a fascinating subject and I enjoyed the way your explored the topic. I wonder too sometimes… πŸ™‚

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