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The Slump Swamp

ein zweihändiger Dunk
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The Second NaNoWriMo 2011 Mid-Weekend Review

Oh I love the simplicity of my novel wordcount this week: a fat, round O. Concerning the blog post wordcount I’m getting more and more confused about which day it relates to…

On the positive side, this week I’ve done several thousand knots (real ones, not speed) on a macramee project for a friend of mine, made a shoulder wrap as a birthday present for my niece and knitted one whole sock – in other words, I used the procrastination method to finish some things on which I had procrastinated before 😉

I just found this gem on How to Procrastinate Productively– I’m so glad I’m not alone…

I’m not tired, but my brain still wants time-out from any sort of reading and writing – hence my crafty activities, and the delay with the blog posts. At the moment it’s only my stubbornness that makes me sit at the computer (and don’t ask how many times I corrected the spelling of the word “stuvvornss”).

How are you doing? Have you taken a plunge into the slump swamp or done a wordsprint slam dunk?

(In case you’re looking for something to procrastinate with, say “plunge into the slump swamp or done a wordsprint slam dunk” aloud, three times, as fast as you can 😀 )


My word count Day 12: blog posts: 0 – novel: 0

Btw: You can still join the Writing Buddies 🙂 – and it’s not too late to sign up for NaNoWriMo 2011, either – you’ll find it easy to compete with me at least… 😉

Easy access to all posts this month via a new menu category: Specials >> November 2011: NaNoWriMo – But Not Only.


5 thoughts on “The Slump Swamp”

    1. I like them too 🙂

      All those articles trying to prove procrastination is a disease can really drag down…I believed them for many years and struggled with the cure – until I realised how to make the best of it.

      One of the tips mentioned in the lifehack article I’ve been using successfully for a long time: using procrastination on larger or more stressful tasks in order to get all those odd (and usually quick-to-do) bits and pieces out of the way, as many as possible, that is as long as you want to procrastinate.

      Anyway, in my mind “procrastination” is a consequence of creating a world which puts Productivity over Being.

  1. Hi Maria,
    Enjoy the down time, your body/mind/spirit must need it. The good thing is that your energy is invested in other admirable things… It’s all good! 🙂

    1. I recognise recurring patterns… 😉 It’s not the first time my mind plays such games – for some reasons it’s mostly hyperactive in August and not cooperating in November (last year was an exception). I remember one August which I spent re-learning algebra, just for the fun of it (never used to be in school, I guess I was trying to get a grip on my mind), another August I cleaned and dyed a sack full of dirty sheeps wool (to calm myself down) which I spun in November (to shut off completely)…

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