Convergence – Back to Creating the Life I Want

Convergence - everything is coming together in the end :)

Convergence – everything is coming together in the end 🙂

Tomorrow, 5th December 2014, it will be exactly three years since I abandoned this blog – abruptly, unexpectedly, and completely unintentionally.

Life took over, the hard way.

At least that’s what I thought at the time and for many months to come – not realising that I had switched myself into Passive Mode.

I’m happy to be back in Active Mode again, Creating the Life I Want 🙂

A month ago I started a new blog “Quilting Oneness“. The idea was that a new blog will give me a fresh start, and focusing on one – very practical – niche will allow me to explore creativity in depth while also bringing other aspects of what I do into alignment.

I thought that once I got the new blog rolling, I might start posting here again because I’d perhaps feel a bit limited blogging only about fabrics and patterns. I was definitely wrong … there’s a whole lot more to Quilting Oneness!

Still, there might occasionally be a topic that I feel is more appropriate for this blog, or – like the following post – I’ve written something on Quilting Oneness that might also be of interest for you. I’ll go with the flow 🙂

Thank you for visiting and all your support in the past 🙂



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