How To Get Back Into Your Rhythm After A Break?

or: A Reason As Good As Any

Whether it’s a lapse in a diet or exercise program, going back to work after a holiday or illness, finishing an almost (but never quite) forgotten Work In Progress, or reviving a neglected relationship or blog – I certainly don’t have the miracle cure for restarting 😉 , but from my own painful experiences I learned three things:

  1. To forgive, that is neither to blame others or “circumstances” nor to beat myself up about the disruption, but instead to use it as an opportunity for re-assessing what I had been doing and how I did it. Maybe there’s room for change, adaptation or re-alignment? And also to ask myself: What keeps me from “just doing it”? Is there perhaps something I’m worried about or that I don’t want to face? What’s the simplest way to deal with it?
  2. Waiting for the Perfect Moment to restart is like waiting for Godot or Saint Neverever Day … it won’t happen, but the longer I wait, the more difficult it seems.
  3. Once I’m clear about what I want and where I want to go next (and even if I don’t know how), it actually takes only one small step to start walking again – an act of will plus an action – and suddenly other puzzle pieces fall into place as well and synchronicities can occur.

My most recent example: this old, neglected blog and Quilting Oneness, which I only started last October.

Three months of increasing internet problems, followed by two months without any computer at all, gave me plenty of time to reconsider what I wanted to do with my blogs. For both this included promoting How-To’s, patterns and various printables which I could develop even without a computer.

But once we had a computer again, I had not only lost any drive to use the computer/internet, I had also worked myself into a state of extreme overwhelm with loads of projects in various stages of completion, none of them “done”. It took me a couple of months to get things sorted and to write some “practice” blog posts (not published, though) just to see whether I could ease myself back into a regular rhythm. But that was it – still no “first product”, still no “first blog post after a long break”.

Then finally, last week, I was so frustrated and fed up that I decided to “just go for it”, despite not having a plan and despite not even knowing where to start. I logged in to gumroad.com which I’m going to use for distribution and searched for help with the setup and procedures.

And what did I find?

An invitation to join the next Small Product Lab – starting 27th July = today!

Quote from the signup page:

As creators, it’s incredibly hard to build a platform, a reputation, and a living from scratch. The only real way to do it is to start—to put something small out into the world and go.

Small steps, big moves.

Through the course of ten bite-sized lessons, you’ll decide on a product, form your plan, and make it happen. On day eleven, you’ll launch your small product. You’ll not only have your work out in the world; you’ll also be eligible to win a cache of tools and resources to help you build your creative business.

And it’s free, too 🙂

I hadn’t planned to start blogging again until after the course, but this morning I received my first to-do per email: to give others the same opportunity and to invite them to join.

“Others” as in “You” 😉

And this is a reason as good as any for a “first post after a long break”.

How about it?

We can only win 🙂

Here again the link: The Small Product Lab
Deadline is today = 27th July 2015

Perhaps see you there?



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