Open Palms - Image by milivanily via pixabay
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Creative Routine Hack: How to let go of old habits – and live and work with joy (3)

I don’t know what I expected when I decided to listen to Butterfly-Me, but – if anything – I expected some advice on how to use my time more efficiently or how to streamline my workflow and cut down on distractions. But the first thing that Butterfly-Me said to Maria-Me was this: “Open your hands, palms up.”

A bit surprised, I did, literally. I sat with my open hands resting on my knees, palms up. After less than a minute I was getting uncomfortable and fidgety and began shifting in my seat. Maybe ten seconds later I asked: “What’s the point of this? What am I meant to do?”


“But…you don’t understand. I want to do things! I want to create, I want to finish this project, and on time, if possible! What do I need to do next?”


Open Palms - Image by milivanily via pixabay
Open Hands – Image by milivanily via pixabay

Part Three: What Butterfly-Me told me

I didn’t want to bore you with full transcripts of all the conversations Butterfly-Me and I had (and are still having), so I thought I’d paraphrase and summarise them by topic.

When I reviewed my notes, though, I discovered that many of our discussions followed the same pattern as the example above:

  • Butterfly-Me said something.
  • I tried very hard to understand and to do what Butterfly-Me said, but usually didn’t get it, so I asked back.
  • Butterfly-Me explained, or at least gave me a hint.
  • I replied with “Yes, but…”
  • Silence.

Okay, Butterfly-Me, I think I got it now, months later…: “Open your hands, palms up.”

Are you quicker on the uptake than I was?

Coming next: Nothing is a problem

Image by milivanily via pixabay



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