The Enermazing Project

What is The Enermazing Project about?

The Enermazing Project is about YOU, about who you are and who only you can be – no one else has your potential 🙂

Realise Your Dreams - Live The Life You Want
The Enermazing Project – Create And Live The Life You Imagine

Only you can live your life – but you are not alone

You are unique. Your personality, your thoughts and emotions, your dreams, your needs and desires, your life experience, your lifestyle, your challenges are specific to only you.

You have, over time, developed your own problem solving strategies. Yet now and then, at different moments or stages of your life, you are confronted with new urges or obstacles. Some of them may merely require adapting your old strategies, but others call for new approaches.

You know you’ve arrived at that point when your old strategies fail or cease to take you to the next level. You begin to look for new ways, new strategies, new, creative solution processes. You realise that – although no one is like you – you have a lot in common with the rest of humanity. How personal challenges express themselves vary greatly, but the core issues are the same for all.

You’ve got the choice to sort it all out by yourself or to take shortcuts and learn from others. You can talk to family, friends and colleagues or search on the internet for whatever could help you to find your new direction and take the first step. You reach out for others who have – in essence, if not in detail – experienced what you are going through, and who have found solutions for themselves. You test and try their solutions and, in the best case scenario, keep what works for you and discard the rest. You may sign up for classes, join a self-help group or hire a coach for support and feedback and to keep you on track.

Learning by teaching, or…

 …You teach best what you most need to learn.
Richard Bach: Illusions

You may also find that you learn even more by helping others to find their own way. Every time you do so is an opportunity for you to question yourself and your beliefs, your habitual thoughts and actions. Every person is a different mirror for yourself, reflects you and your ideas in an individual way.

You refine and re-define yourself through others and gain new insights and experiences.You develop your ability to take a step back from your limitations and look at yourself from a different point of view, a higher, more complete perspective. You discover new paths, and on those paths you find hidden keys to unlock doors you weren’t even aware of.

The choices and decisions you make are always yours, your responsibility, and yours only. Because you are unique and because you have Free Will, no one else can choose or decide or think or act for you. But you are not alone – to state the obvious: Every human faces this essential, vital challenge 😉

A safety net of mutual support

So although The Enermazing Project is about you and your individual life tasks, it’s at the same time about what only you, with your special abilities and potential, can contribute to the community. It’s about give and take, about finding and providing company and support along the way.




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