maria-frameHi, I’m Maria Hoffmeister. I grew up in a very creative family, and creativity is part of my normal life. In 1989 I started teaching adults – in subjects as varied as arts & crafts, languages, and office skills – and training teachers-to-be. My main creative passions are textile and paper crafts, mixed media and writing, and I’m always open to trying or learning something new. 🙂

But my greatest passion is encouraging others to tap into and develop their own creative potential!

After some major restructuring, I have come up with these outlets, for different audiences:

On my main site CourseShaper I offer time-saving tools, templates & systems for Makers, Shakers, and Course Creators, that is for those people who also love passing on their knowledge and skills through tutorials and eCourses – or want to learn how to do so. There I share what I gained through many years of teaching adults, training teachers-to-be and learning myself.

World of Magnifica is all about crafts & creativity. There you’ll find curated content as well as my own crafty projects, tips, tutorials & classes and those by others.

Quilting Oneness (on quilting and other textile techniques) and this one here: Create the World You Want (on creativity & life in general) are my two much neglected “hobby blogs”. As long as I’m building CourseShaper and rebuilding World of Magnifica it’s unlikely that I’ll post here more than once or twice a month…which would already be an improvement, lol. 😀

Hope to see you again here, there, somewhere!


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