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Creative Life Force 1: The Memory Bank Fallacy

Our mind is an amazing tool: It takes energetic information - the electromagnetic data or frequencies of all that we see, hear, touch, taste or smell - and turns this information into scenarios, into very realistic mind movies...a bit like in the Matrix. In order to do so, it scans all the information it has… Continue reading Creative Life Force 1: The Memory Bank Fallacy

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Benefit or Doubt?

A thought just popped up: What if we allowed ourselves, consistently, to choose benefit INSTEAD of doubt? Why do we tend to choose "death" when "tea and cake" are on offer as well? 🙂 Lego animation by Thorn2200 to one of comic Eddie Izzard's most popular jokes, 'Cake or Death?' Image credit: ElisaRiva via pixabay

Focus: Organising Evolution
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Focus = Permission to Work on One Single Thing

This year I'm attempting to juggle 4 blogs...for someone who hasn't blogged regularly in years, that's quite like Mission Impossible. I have no idea whether I'm going to succeed or fail - that is whether by the end of this year I'll have four blogs with each at least one post a week - but… Continue reading Focus = Permission to Work on One Single Thing

Intuitive Image Design for Non-Designers - themed for Valentine's Day
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Setting goals that really matter

I just came across this article by Alex Mathers, written in September last year. For the past few months I've been using similar question prompts, and not only do I get the most important things done, my life quality has improved a lot: Now I also make time for what nourishes me! But as helpful… Continue reading Setting goals that really matter

Butterfly visiting peony - Image by Boenz via pixabay
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Creative Routine Hack: How to let go of old habits – and live and work with joy (6)

Have you just discovered the Creative Routing Hack Series? Click this link to read the first post. Once you step out of your Comfort Zone and give up on the idea of having to control the process or the outcome, something amazing happens: You realise that what you've thought of as discomfort is something else… Continue reading Creative Routine Hack: How to let go of old habits – and live and work with joy (6)

NaNoWriMo 2016
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NaNoWriMo: (Inter)National Novel Writing Month 2016

I'm doing it again... 🙂 For the past weeks I've been getting emails regarding the next National Novel Writing Month in November. I held my breath - and then deleted them without even a quick peek. Today I gave in...and signed up. Yes, I do have (seemingly) more important things to do, so I did… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: (Inter)National Novel Writing Month 2016