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The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (6)

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You may not have noticed the new, tiny, yet significant image in the sidebar: Guerrilla Goodness, courtesy of Kindnessgirl.

What is Guerrilla Goodness?

According to The Free Dictionary,  “guerrilla [or “guerilla” is] – a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment”.

“armed force”, “sabotage” and “harassment”? Now how does that go with “goodness” 😕

It’s all in the attitude, intention and action taken 🙂

  • Goodness Guerrillas arm themselves with small acts,  gestures and other expressions of kindness.
  • Their contagious force or power is the motivation coming from a compassionate heart.
  • With determination and resilience, Goodness Guerrillas sabotage daily thoughtlessness, cruelty, boredom, meaninglessness and indifference.
  • They keep harassing their environment with surprise attacks of hope and joy.

How exactly  do Goodness Guerrillas operate? Click the little icon in the sidebar to find out more about Guerrilla Goodness 🙂

+ +++ +++ Quote of the week  +++ +++ +

Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.
Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

+ +++ +++ This & That +++ +++ +

You want to become a Goodness  Gorilla Guerrillero yourself?

Or perhaps you are a Goodness Guerrillero already – knowingly or not 😉 – and are looking for even more inspiration, ideas and resources? Try these links for starters:

Update: When re-reading my post I noticed that I had written “Kindness Guerrilla” whereas Kindnessgirl named it “Goodness Guerrilla”, and I replaced “kindness” with “goodness”.  – Pick your choice; at the end of the Guerrillero’s day, kindness and goodness will lead to the same results 😉

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Cupcakes For All & Everyone

In case you haven’t noticed: I dressed up my blog header for a special occasion – my very first blog award.

On September 8th, enermazing was honoured with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award – which is not only about receiving but also about giving 🙂 Here’s the procedure:

Step One: Thank and Link the Person who Nominated You

A *BIG THANK YOU* to Happydancercat/Year of Kindness for your Irresistibly Sweet Kindness to pass this award on to me 🙂

Step Two: Share Seven Random Facts About Yourself

After having lived with myself for almost fifty years, I found it surprisingly difficult to come up with seven facts about myself which might interest someone else 😕

  1. I like getting up at dawn – which means at sunset I begin to yawn…
  2. My favourite fruit are either orange/dark yellow (like peaches, mangos, apricots, oranges) or near black/dark purple (currants, cherries, grapes, blackberries)
  3. I don’t like pasta for breakfast, but else any time
  4. My favourite direction is South-East
  5. I believe in the power of Paying It Forward
  6. When I was small, I desperately wanted to be a boy because boys didn’t have to learn useless stuff like needlework and sewing (guess who became a skilled textile addict…)
  7. I collect about every scrap of textile or paper to use it, one day, in one of those projects I never get round to :/

Step Three: Pass the Award Along to Five Deserving Blogging Buddies

What seemed like fresh meringue with strawberries and whipped cream turned out to be as tough as toffee – not finding deserving blogging buddies, but choosing only five… It was made a bit easier by the fact that two blogs I would have nominated were awarded the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by Happydancercat at the same time as enermazing (Pocketperspectives and The Mindful Foodie), and C.B. Wentworth received it in the meantime from another site, plus The Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 ***Congratulations***, C.B.!

The choice was difficult, but as I don’t know much about blog awards I didn’t dare bend the rules. So here they are, Five out of an Omnibus of Deserving Blogging Buddies (in sort of alphabetical order):

  1. Elizabeth – who embraces the whole world with her Irresistibly Sweet Mirth & Motivation, and still has got a free hand to take photos
  2. F.T. – whose Irresistibly Sweet Heart carries rays of sunshine deep into the Frugal Trenches
  3. Girl On The Contrary – who sharpens her pencils with Irresistibly Sweet Charm
  4. The Girl Who Loves To Cook – how can anybody bear to eat your, literally, Irresistibly Sweet Creations?
  5. Serenity – for her Irresistibly Sweet Struggle with Living Up to Her Name

Step Four: Contact Those Bloggers to Congratulate Them

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S* to all of you – I will contact you also by email in a few hours.

Everybody else please consider themselves runner-up, have a cupcake, and join the party!
Keep on blogging! 🙂

Note: The Irresistibly Sweet Face Cupcakes I used for the header are the creation of The Girl Who Likes To Cook. Have a look at her original photo:

cupcake faces - original ohoto

irresistibly sweet & happy cupcakes

Image source: cookingismypassion.blogspot.com via wikimedia

The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (5)

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I could hardly believe my eyes this morning… 😯

Happydancercat gave me the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award!

There aren’t enough smileys to express my emotions – Cat, thank you so much for your encouragement!

The past week has been of the fuzzy-furry-blurry type – time just flying by, getting done only half of the things which I wanted to do, but instead advancing in other areas beyond my expectations.

After I’ve neglected commenting on other blogs I decided to spend this morning doing exactly that. When I got to Year of Kindness, my heart skipped a beat – if you like, read the detailed description of my reactions in the comments section to Spreading the Blogging Love…

Now I need time to think…  The award is to be passed on to five other incredibly sweet blogs. Who will I give it to? There are many more blogs which deserve this award. And – considering I know myself for almost 50 years now – I find it surprisingly difficult to come up with 7 random facts about myself 🙄

I’m off now to do a few star jumps 🙂

+ +++ +++ Quote of the week  +++ +++ +

There may be Peace without Joy, and Joy without Peace,

but the two combined make Happiness.

John Buchan

+ +++ +++ This & That +++ +++ +

Instead of doing star jumps, maybe I’ll make some Giant Bubbles 🙂

Or both?

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What Makes Me Smile Like Nothing Else Can

Smiles: Happy, cynical, serene, comic, sad, genuine, fake, tired, polite, … But only some smiles are contagious.

smiling girl

Mounica's smile

Many things make me smile a happy smile: listening to music I like, reading a funny passage in a book, reflecting wonderful memories, sometimes even imagining future events,… I’m smiling as I write this; maybe the word “smile” is a trigger?

Yet I find nothing as irresistible as witnessing a genuine, happy smile sent out by someone else…

My personal conclusion: That I give others as many contagious,  genuine, happy smiles as I can 🙂 🙂 🙂

What makes YOU smile?

Image source: pranav http://www.flickr.com/photos/29220600@N08/3433407850/

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How do you feel about…emotions? – Part Two

Have you ever been so upset, hurt or angry that you lashed out at others although you didn’t want to? Do you recall an incident where you went over the top with exhilaration and have fallen down hard? Were you aware of all that but couldn’t stop it, as if your emotions had a mind of their own? Have worries, anxieties and fears sneaked into your life and are preparing for a take-over? Have you perhaps even come to fear certain emotions? No?

Not everybody experiences emotions the same way or reacts emotionally in similar situations; we all have our sweet and sour spots. One read on…

The only good photo of his son

Following the suggestion of a friend, I’m adding an example to the previous challenge, of a small routine task going as wrong as can be. The story is sad and full of emotions, not really something I want to coldly dissect. Still I decided to post it, for two reasons:

One: I was looking for something to contrast the “my first post” example. The factors which contribute to the realisation of a certain result are always there, obvious or hidden, no matter how serious and important or silly and insignificant the outcome may seem.

Two: I think this story stands for situations most of us can relate to, where our personal failure causes pain, hurts someone else, and where we have no chance to make up for it in any way.

The story

A few years ago I was working in a small-town bookshop where apart from books we also sold office and art supplies, made photocopies and so on. One day a customer came in and asked if we could laminate a photo. Of course, I said, no problem.

The customer, a man in his late fifties perhaps, was very anxious about me not ruining the photo. While the machine was warming up he told me that recently his son had died, only twenty-and-some years old. The photo I was inserting in a laminating sleeve was the only good photo he had of him. He wanted it protected because he kept it with him in his wallet and took it out many times a day.

I felt so sorry for him… His talk wasn’t distracting me from the small task at hand, nor was I nervous, but the man’s emotions, his deep sadness had a strong impact on me. I wanted to give him exactly what he desired, a safeguard to his memories of his son as represented by the photo, and I wanted to do a perfect job.

Now, with laminating I don’t think I ever was concerned about the quality of the result, by default it turned out as it was supposed to. I knew which possible mistakes to avoid and in this case I even double-checked what I did.

Then the photo turned slightly sideways, got stuck and overheated; I never found out why, maybe one of the transporters didn’t catch on. All I could do was pull it back out and cut off the loose plastic, about halfway down the portrait at mouth height. It was beyond repair.

I was at a loss for words except for stammering “I’m so sorry” a few times. The man had tears in his eyes and couldn’t speak. He took the photo and walked out, bent, slowly, without strength to lift his feet, as if he had lost his son a second time. How did I feel? Guess…

If you’re not in the mood for an unemotional analysis, don’t read on…