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+ +++ +++ Site News +++ +++ + You may not have noticed the tiny, yet significant image in the sidebar: Guerilla Kindness, courtesy of Kindnessgirl. What is Guerilla Kindness? According to The Free Dictionary, "guerilla [is] - a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment. "armed force", "sabotage" and "harassment"? Now how does that go with "kindness" 😕 It's all in the attitude, intention and action taken 🙂 Kindness Guerillas arm themselves with small acts, gestures and other expressions of kindness. Their contagious force or power is the motivation coming from a compassionate heart. With determination and resilience, Kindness Guerillas sabotage daily thoughtlessness, cruelty, boredom, meaninglessness and indifference. They keep harassing their environment with surprise attacks of hope and joy. How exactly do Kindness Guerillas operate? Click the little icon in the sidebar to find out more about Guerilla Kindness 🙂 + +++ +++ Quote of the week +++ +++ + Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion. Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama + +++ +++ This & That +++ +++ + Would you like to become a Kindness Gorilla Guerilla yourself? Or perhaps you are a Kindness Guerilla already - knowingly or not 😉 - and are looking for even more inspiration, ideas and resources? Try these links for starters: Random Act Of Kindness World Kindness Movement The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (R)

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Cupcakes For All & Everyone

In case you haven't noticed: I dressed up my blog header for a special occasion - my very first blog award. On September 8th, enermazing was honoured with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award - which is not only about receiving but also about giving 🙂 Here's the procedure: Step One: Thank and Link the Person… Continue reading Cupcakes For All & Everyone

The Enermazing Weekly Ticker

The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (5)

+ +++ +++ Site News +++ +++ + I could hardly believe my eyes this morning... 😯 Happydancercat gave me the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award! There aren't enough smileys to express my emotions - Cat, thank you so much for your encouragement! The past week has been of the fuzzy-furry-blurry type - time just flying… Continue reading The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (5)


What Makes Me Smile Like Nothing Else Can

Smiles: Happy, cynical, serene, comic, sad, genuine, fake, tired, polite, ... But only some smiles are contagious. Many things make me smile a happy smile: listening to music I like, reading a funny passage in a book, reflecting wonderful memories, sometimes even imagining future events,... I'm smiling as I write this; maybe the word "smile"… Continue reading What Makes Me Smile Like Nothing Else Can

Challenge Yourself, Realise your dreams

How do you feel about…emotions? – Part Two

Have you ever been so upset, hurt or angry that you lashed out at others although you didn't want to? Do you recall an incident where you went over the top with exhilaration and have fallen down hard? Were you aware of all that but couldn't stop it, as if your emotions had a mind… Continue reading How do you feel about…emotions? – Part Two

Challenge Yourself, Realise your dreams, True Stories

The only good photo of his son

Following the suggestion of a friend, I'm adding an example to the previous challenge, of a small routine task going as wrong as can be. The story is sad and full of emotions, not really something I want to coldly dissect. Still I decided to post it, for two reasons: One: I was looking for… Continue reading The only good photo of his son