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NaNoWriMo: (Inter)National Novel Writing Month 2016

I’m doing it again… 🙂

For the past weeks I’ve been getting emails regarding the next National Novel Writing Month in November.

I held my breath – and then deleted them without even a quick peek.

Today I gave in…and signed up.

NaNoWriMo 2016

Offical NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Badge

Yes, I do have (seemingly) more important things to do, so I did my best to keep writing fiction off my wish list. But my fingers have been itching increasingly for a while, and the last time I participated was in 2013.

Anyway, now that I know what I’ve got on my plate for November, I hope that my mind is at rest during October. 🙂

How about you? Are you participating this year?


Image: Official NaNoWriMo 2016 Badge

NaNoWriMo – But Not Only | November 2011, Day 1

Invoking The Spirit Of NaNoWriMo

Taking part in the (inter)National Novel Writing Month is an experience, to say the least 😉

  • You can do so by signing up and participating officially – or run along wearing an old pair of slippers or an invisibility cloak.
  • You may have worked up to 1st November plotting and planning or researching for your novel – or spent not more than a few days brainstorming ideas and sketching a rough outline.
  • Perhaps you are excited by the idea of doing a literary bungee jump on a 50,000 words long rope, with no preparation at all – or you just stumbled upon this page, have never heard of NaNoWriMo, and are curious what made 200,000 people sign up in 2010 (as I’m writing this, 2 hours before “GO!”, there are about 65,000 users online on the NaNoWriMo site).

Or maybe you’re not interested in writing at all? You can still benefit from this creative spirit which will hover during November all over the globe like a sparkling cloud 🙂 :

The Spirit: Writing – or Living – in the Flow

Living in the Flow is a balancing act, and a challenge to boot. Living in the Flow means to let go of perfectionism, to expand your horizon, to weave your own safety net, to cross the void on a tight-rope without knowing what you will find on the other side.

Scary? Yes.

But so are a life full of pressure, fear and worries caused by our urge to control, the illusions of safety we so easily get used to, the meaninglessness and resignation resulting from holding on to what we believe we know and from blocking off whatever might threaten our comfort zone.

“Don’t get it right, just get it written.” James G. Thurber

November has 30 days – it takes 21 consecutive days to establish a new habit 😉

This November,

  • dare to be imperfect – and to learn from the mistakes you make
  • embrace obstacles and other problems as opportunities to move on despite…whatever excuses you are used to
  • question your habitual thoughts and behaviours
  • as often as you remember to, think and act like the person you want to be – repetition brings confidence
  • overwrite the obsolete habits of your previous self with new ones: thoughts, actions and reactions adequate for who you are now
  • get used to living in the Flow

Enjoy the Flow – and may you find what you are looking for 🙂


Btw: You can still join the Writing Buddies 🙂

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The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (12) 24th – 30th October 2011

+ +++ +++ Site News +++ +++ +

Remember the door behind the curtain? Well, I managed to unlock the lock with a hairpin and some WD-40. The door opened by itself as if only waiting to be released from bondage, and I stepped outside.

Nothing had prepared me for what I saw there – the glimpse of green grass and blue sky I had had through the gap had been totally misleading…at the best. In the light shade of a tree and hidden from view by the door was a wicker chair and a small table with a stack of ruled paper, my favourite fountain pen, and a calender leaf of November with NationalNovelWritingMonth written in bright red all across…and I’ve so tried to ignore it…

That hairpin was my idea to share my last year’s NaNo experience, the comments to What I Learned Through NaNoWriMo were the lubricant.

Tempting, very tempting after half a year of non-stop non-fiction (and that includes reading). Should I give in?

I decided on a compromise. I went back inside and filled The Enermazing Project from the steam-cooker into the slow-cooker.

Compromise first half: I’ll only attempt 25k words of fiction.
Compromise second half: On this blog, I’ll do a post a day all through November – which may not make up 25k of non-fiction, but must suffice.

The theme for the November posts will be “Writing” (who would have guessed…), to be more precise: “How To Survive NaNoWriMo Healthy And Sane”.

As not every visitor to this blog will be interested in reading about writing, and some may not give a, uhm, dime about it, many of these daily posts will come from My Enermazing Toolbox, with tips and tricks on how to make writing – or whatever else you do with your life – easier and more enjoyable.

If you are such a non-writer, please substitute the above title with “How to Survive Life Healthy And Sane”, and see and find out how you can transform the writing tips into life tools 😉

Hope to see you on Tuesday 🙂


+ +++ +++ Quote of the week  +++ +++ +

Every thought willingly contemplated, ever word meaningly spoken, every action freely done, consolidates itself in the character, and will project itself onward in a permanent continuity.

Henry Giles

+ +++ +++ this & that +++ +++ +

I’ve had a “Writing” category since I started this blog, and I was a bit shocked to discover that I’ve done so far only one lonely post related to writing, on 3rd August:  Featured: WriteGirl.

I’ve updated the post now with a few links – and reveal whether The Communicatrix had to shave her head or not 😉

NaNoWriMo 2011 | Looking For Writing Buddies

Yesterday I signed up for NaNoWriMo, knowing very well that due to other obligations there’s no way I can make it all the way through to the 50k words.

Today I realised that I can’t participate officially because what I’m itching to do is to – finally – finish an old project with the working title “Magnifica Revisited”.

My personal solution: To commit myself to writing 25k words of fiction from 1st to 30th November 2011, which will be difficult enough to reach this year.

I’ve placed a progress meter in the sidebar. As I prefer writing the first draft by hand (and an exact word count is a bit of a bother, as I remember from the last NaNoWriMo), I’ll update word count by page average, counting only entirely new scenes.

Note: To get your own free html progress meter, log in to storytoolz and follow the instructions.

"writing buddies" (by Sandro Botticelli)

"writing buddies" by Sandro Botticelli - and, no, that's not the original title 😉

Official participant or not, I’ll pop in to NaNoWriMo now and then – I don’t want to miss the pep talks 😉 – and I’m looking for writing buddies.

If you’d like to be my writing buddy, state your commitment in the comment section below. I’ll create a blog post for every day in November where you can update your daily progress.

Let’s do it! 😀