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Preparing For Your Life Journey

Topic Of The Week: Consolidation

So you’ve got your life map, decided on a path to start out on and chosen a vehicle – what now? What will you need on your journey, what have you got?

First of all, you’ve got yourself as you are right now. So: Who are you?

Allegorical portrait of Dante holding a copy of the Divine Comedy

"Here must all distrust be left behind; all cowardice must be ended." Dante Alighieri

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Flying Beyond Your Limitations

Striving for improvement of ourselves and our environment appears to be a constant struggle against restrictions, rules, and other limitations: at home, at school, at work, within the community or country we belong to, “the rest of the world”, and, not to forget, against our own flaws, beliefs, and habits.

Because of this struggle – or rather, our desire to control – we tend to perceive “limitation” as something negative which stands between what we want and what confronts us every moment. Potential and limitations however are nothing but the two extreme aspects of “What Is”. It’s up to us to choose, actively and consciously, which side of this coin we want to look at.

Accessing potential

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Reality Check

“Visualising your perfect day” has become one of the most popular getting-started techniques for anybody who wants to change their lives. Mental imagery and conscious daydreaming are great tools for finding out more about where we want to go, for deciding on a direction. We are also advised to take action, to take the first steps towards our dreams. But read on…

Realise your dreams

Some people realise their dreams, others don’t. Those who do, how do they go about making their dreams come true? Have they got special powers or can everybody learn to turn their life around?

We all can create our lives provided we have the desire and will to so.We all are born with the ability to fulfil our dreams. Some of us however lack practice, fail to remember how it’s done, need to re-learn how to apply it. As for the learning process itself I hope my Enermazing Project will offer you the map or blueprint you are looking for – this first post constitutes a sort of site preview.

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