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Creative Routine Hack: How to let go of old habits – and live and work with joy (1)

How much time do you spend on making plans and decisions? And how many of those do you actually carry through to completion? On time? Really? And how often do you beat yourself up along the lines of "I should have", "I could have" or "why didn't I"? Part One: To plan or not to plan - that's the question

Benefits of Colouring Pages for Adults
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Colouring Time = Me-time

The past couple of weeks have been even busier than I had anticipated, and other than a few sketches I did not get any drawings done. That's changed now, and I'm working on a new project. 🙂 Well, it's not so new, as I've been thinking about this for a while, but I hadn't managed… Continue reading Colouring Time = Me-time

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Saying No to Survival Mode

What do you do when you're running behind schedule? Run faster? Since I started rolling with the Small Product Lab, ideas keep flowing, take on shape, expand...just wonderful! I love this creative energy and I want to do everything at once. Of course I can't. I can have - and I do have - several… Continue reading Saying No to Survival Mode

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My Own Pair Of Glasses

A few days ago, I tried to be clever. When I work away from home, I usually put anything special in my bag the night before and routine stuff before I leave. Every once in a while I forget something in the morning rush. That morning, just as I came from the bathroom, I saw… Continue reading My Own Pair Of Glasses

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Playful Professionalism

NaNoWriMo - But Not Only | November 2011, Day 14 & 15 Half-time = time for a pie and a hot-dog, and a revision - or rather... ...half-time watering 😉 For more than a week, this blog post title has been going through my head. That it didn't make it into an article has got… Continue reading Playful Professionalism

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Coping With Change

NaNoWriMo - But Not Only | November 2011, Day 11 Huh, had I thought my spontaneous commitment to a post-a-day would turn me into a prolific blogger, I'd need to think again (and let's not mention the still more or less fictitious 25k). Two days ago, my brain went on strike. The best I could… Continue reading Coping With Change