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The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (2)

Topic Of The Week 7th – 13th August 2011:  Vision

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My “vision” for the next weeks is to tweak the editorial calendar. I spend so much (enjoyable) time blogging that the Enermazing Project is suffering – although it is the main reason for the existence of this blog :/

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Do you trust your eyes? Can you spot the change?

Positive psychology for well-being: Does the World Need ‘Positive’ Psychology?

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Post the story of your own small and big successes in the comments section. Next week it will be featured in this spot. Nobody posted a success story last week – be the first 🙂

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If you had a magic wand, what would you do? Where would you stop?

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“…sometimes we become so obsessed with where we think we should be we forget to be where we are now – and most of all we forget to enjoy it!” comment by creatingreciprocity on enermazing-Featured: Tayla Kelley and David Barth

+ +++ +++ Creativity Prompt: Write, Draw, Paint, Make, Sing, Dance +++ +++ +

How would it make you feel to be a tree?
You’re welcome to post your response in the comments section 🙂

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Featured: Tayla Kelley and David Barth

The best life we can live is one that maximizes every skill, every talent, every breath we have and gives it back to the world without reservation… Live it. Elizabeth Obih-Frank

Tayla Kelley, 13, has Primary Immune Deficiency Disease. Her chance to still be alive at age 18 is sixty percent. She has decided not to let the stress of medical treatments and hospitalisation pull her down. What she wants to do with her life is dance; and now she’s “Dancing With The Stars”:


David Barth, born in Rotterdam/The Netherlands in 1998, is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. His special perception, skill and patience find expression in his paintings and comics which show an amazing sense of detail. One of his drawings, “Birds”, features 397 different species; when you follow the link to David’s portfolio, “Birds” is the third thumbnail from the left.

book "Drawing Autism"

cover of "Drawing Autism" - image source: Mark Batty Publisher

Since his first exhibition in 2005 David has won several awards. In 2009, “Birds” was David’s contribution to “Drawing Autism”. For more information on this book please visit the publisher: Mark Batty Publisher.

Enjoy and let yourself be inspired 🙂


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