word art: embrace imperfection
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Embracing Imperfection (1)

I just finished writing (on my other blog) a rather long post Embracing Imperfection - Getting stressed or getting things done? about my Small Product Lab experience. So for today I just want to give a short update: All went well, eventually, and on time - except for the fact that only now, more than… Continue reading Embracing Imperfection (1)

Shine your light - have a sunny day
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Show Your Work and Share Your Progress

It's already Day 4 of the Small Product Lab course! Today's assignment is to ... well, you read the title of this post. What we did in the meantime: Decided on our first Small Product, outlined it, gave it a name/title, created a landing page for a newsletter, and wrote a Thank You letter for… Continue reading Show Your Work and Share Your Progress