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The Enermazing Weekly Ticker (2)

Topic Of The Week 7th – 13th August 2011:  Vision

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My “vision” for the next weeks is to tweak the editorial calendar. I spend so much (enjoyable) time blogging that the Enermazing Project is suffering – although it is the main reason for the existence of this blog :/

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Do you trust your eyes? Can you spot the change?

Positive psychology for well-being: Does the World Need ‘Positive’ Psychology?

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Post the story of your own small and big successes in the comments section. Next week it will be featured in this spot. Nobody posted a success story last week – be the first 🙂

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If you had a magic wand, what would you do? Where would you stop?

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“…sometimes we become so obsessed with where we think we should be we forget to be where we are now – and most of all we forget to enjoy it!” comment by creatingreciprocity on enermazing-Featured: Tayla Kelley and David Barth

+ +++ +++ Creativity Prompt: Write, Draw, Paint, Make, Sing, Dance +++ +++ +

How would it make you feel to be a tree?
You’re welcome to post your response in the comments section 🙂

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Perspective – Zooming In And Out

No doubt about it: From your point of view life is not the same as from my point of view.

And your point of view is not the same now as it was one year ago or one hour ago. In fact, our point of view changes all the time, not only with our activities and roles, but also with what we learn or are confronted with. Yet often we stick to our point of view, even when it has become obsolete, is inadequate for the level we have arrived at. Continue reading

Welcome To Vision Land – Create Your Life Map

Topic Of The Week: Vision

The search for “heightened awareness”, the desire to access higher or spiritual planes, has increased dramatically during the past fifty years. But, providing that we find out how to do it, how are we going to deal with that abundance of knowledge and consciousness awaiting us “there”? How much are we aware of even the limited information surrounding us; are we able to process it?

Whether we’re looking for higher awareness, planning our next holiday or are doing a search on the internet, creating and enhancing a vision is the first step to accessing and realising the potential. Vision is the result of connecting What Is (where we are now) to What Could Be (where we want to go).

sparkling star in eye

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." Japanese proverb

Clarity of vision depends on our perception and awareness as well as on our ability to sort what we have perceived. Our set of filters, that is our physiological abilities, our previous experience, our attitude, and our unconscious or conscious focus, determine the quality of our vision. Continue reading

Potential For Personal Growth

Topic Of The Week: Potential

An onion seed won’t turn into a rose, a puppy will grow up to be a dog, and I can’t become you.

Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. Erich Fromm

What contributes to “potential”?

Everything around us has its special properties, characteristics, and individuality. All living organisms, including us, have Continue reading

Warning: This little exercise may change your life

It certainly changed mine…

I first posted it on my blog “Living in the Flow” – or is it “Walking in the Fog”?, which I have neglected for over a year. (The blog never went past the stub stage, but I’ve decided to revive it as a more or less personal blog.) I thought about modifying the text, but then again, this is how I did it myself, so I changed nothing but the image.

reflection of a bridge in water

bridges balance - and so do reflections

Challenge: Test your inner balance

It’s comparatively easy to keep one’s balance in isolation or seclusion, standing safely on solid, unmoving ground – however, we are living in an open system where everything is connected with everything else. Daily life is rather about ground shifting and shaking, turning into quicksand or read on…