Image: Mouse trap loaded with a piece of cheese. Text: Stop springing the "success or failure" trap!
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Thriving instead of striving

The fear of past failures repeating themselves keeps us hooked to the success-or-failure scenario. Letting go of judgment and embracing both leads to thriving instead of striving.

Focus: Organising Evolution
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Focus = Permission to Work on One Single Thing

This year I'm attempting to juggle 4 blogs...for someone who hasn't blogged regularly in years, that's quite like Mission Impossible. I have no idea whether I'm going to succeed or fail - that is whether by the end of this year I'll have four blogs with each at least one post a week - but… Continue reading Focus = Permission to Work on One Single Thing

Intuitive Image Design for Non-Designers - themed for Valentine's Day
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Setting goals that really matter

I just came across this article by Alex Mathers, written in September last year. For the past few months I've been using similar question prompts, and not only do I get the most important things done, my life quality has improved a lot: Now I also make time for what nourishes me! But as helpful… Continue reading Setting goals that really matter

Minimalist Abundance - creating space for what really matters
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Minimalist Abundance – Creating Space for What Really Matters!

Does total Minimalism as a lifestyle appeal to you? The calm, soothing atmosphere of Zen gardens, living in a whitewashed loft with large windows that let the light in, only the most essential furniture and items necessary for your daily life, all your belongings in a backpack? If that's how you live already, don't read… Continue reading Minimalist Abundance – Creating Space for What Really Matters!


One by One – Work in Progress

A New Year’s resolution that’s lasting 😉

Quilting Oneness

During December 2016, which was a particularly topsy-turvy month for me with stressful events, delays and other surprises like health warnings, I learned something that was very important: The world does not end just because I can’t do or finish in time what I had planned to.

This time round I paid attention, learned my lesson, and have since been able to maintain a steady, sustainable pace…

…one step at a time

No multitasking but a relaxed focus on what I’m doing at the moment.

Simplifying decisions rather than trying to do everything at once.

Scheduling ahead, but without using this plan for putting pressure on myself.

Taking time-outs whenever necessary.

Practicing intuition by feeling inside what’s best right now instead of looking at the clock.
Going with the flow and not rushing after it or resisting it.

So although there are still three projects which I had thought I’d…

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